Recruiting Better Talent with Brain Games and Big Data

Archetype SC has been expanding our team recently; when I read a story about using big data to make better hires, it piqued my interest. We have a rigorous interview process and are excited about and confident in our new team members. Not every company is so fortunate! On February 25, NPR ran a story called “Recruiting Better Talent with Brain Games and Big Data” about companies using different tests and numerous data points to improve their hiring decisions. Imagine having more than a feeling based on your limited interactions with a candidate. Numerous companies are highlighted in the article each claiming to be able to back up your hunches with cold hard facts. The field is too new, and anecdotal evidence is unscientific, but it is an intriguing proposition. If it proves out, we may begin to see more and more companies requiring aptitude testing to help with the hiring process. No one, at least not yet, is claiming that data can replace an experienced HR expert—but it may help companies know why new staff members work out or not. As for our new team, I am confident they would pass any aptitude test with flying colors.

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