Women In Technology

Careers in the technology industry are continually on the rise, yet the number of women who pursue careers in this field remains low.  After attending an event at the Academy for Art Science and Technology (AAST) in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, I began to think about what would encourage young women to pursue careers in technology.  During this meeting I was privileged to meet with local women in technology fields, as well as female students who are enrolled in technology programs at AAST.  The future professionals I met with were passionate about technology and establishing careers in a male dominated field.  The students were asked what would encourage more young women to become interested in technology, and they informed us that exposure of technology at an early age is what interested them.  One student said that her passion for computer design began in elementary school, where she was exposed to several design programs and was able to express herself artistically using computer software.  Several of the students I spoke with were offered academic scholarships to accredited universities because of their hard work and determination with computer science, engineering, and graphic design.  As a growing company, Archetype SC hopes to encourage young adults to pursue careers in technology by mentoring students through internships.  If more schools and organizations encouraged interest in technology for all students at younger ages, we may see the gender gap diminish in this field. 

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