Passion in a Picture

Think of the last advertisement that really moved you, a website that grabbed you at first sight, or even a passing truck that made you smile. Chances are it wasn’t the eloquent words written, or the beautiful composure of the content, but a photograph that spoke Puppy-Love-Dog-Food-Adto you first. In today’s busy world, we create to reach at a glance and quickly grab interest; the best way to do that is an incredible photo that allows your audience to immediately connect. Whether it’s a dog food brand with a lovable puppy and it’s enamored owner, or a phone company depicting a group of friends taking selfies, these images bring us to a warm place that make us feel an association with the brand.

So, how do we harness The Passion in a Picture to work for our gain? It starts by finding the feeling behind your motive. A picture has to have the perfect connotation. Every nuance must be examined to ensure it is inline with both your brand’s identity and the message you are currently working to convey. Observe the stock photos below. The images are very similar; both depict a group of teenagers, both are first person perspective, both have similar lighting and composition, but they tell very different stories.

fotolia_78599454_subscription_monthly_mDieci amici si fanno un selfie al parco

The image on the left portrays pure group fun by having the main subject submersed into the group. It shows diversity with people of different ethnicities. In contrast, the image on the right speaks more to individuality by having the main subject firmly in front of the group. Also, the lack of diversity will reach a more narrow audience.

No matter the application, sourcing the perfect image requires keen observation. Take the time to ensure every aspect of your imagery lines up with your intent. There is a sea of photos out there! Whether it’s from Shutterstock, iStockphoto, or Dollar Photo Club, the images are waiting for nearly any situation (and if not, take your own)!



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