Let’s Just Go with the Incumbents –

The default position can’t just be what it’s always been, which is, ‘Let’s just go with the incumbents—if a certain company has been around for 20 years, that means they must build the best websites,’” Mr. Rubenstein says. “That is no longer true. The new challenge is about identifying these younger, vibrant, great-idea companies and giving them a chance to be effective.”

The above is from an article titled “Reformat and Reboot” from the May 2015 issue of PM Network.

Mr. Rubenstein is the president and CEO of SmartProcure, which gathers procurement information from both private- and public-sector organizations.

The article talks about failed government IT projects, and what some countries are doing to try to improve the success rate of these projects. Mr. Rubenstein’s assessment is one of the ways he sees as improving the U.S. Government’s success rate.

“The annual cost of failed U.S. government IT projects is estimated to be as high as US$20 billion.”

That is a daunting number for projects that are not delivered on time or on budget.

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