Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Microsoft Security Compliance Manager

Welcome to the second installment of Securing Your Windows Infrastructure. In the previous article, I talked about Domain and Server Isolation, a technique that can be used to isolate domain-joined systems from untrusted hosts and optionally to require encryption to and from systems containing more sensitive or confidential information. Today, I’ll be reviewing another low-effort, […]


Ransomeware usually comes in two different types. The first is screen locker ransomware, which usually appears to be some sort of message from law enforcement or other group that prohibits you from doing anything besides paying a “ransom” to unlock the computer. The second type is a crypto ransomware (generally referred to as “cryptoware”), in […]

Archetype SC Contract with Fortune 500 Publishing House

Archetype SC has been contracted to assist in performing a thorough security assessment of a Fortune 500 publishing house. The team will conduct an enterprise wide security gap review, documenting risks and providing recommendations and a road map to the executive team. This is not only deeply technical but also assesses governance and executive oversight and commitment to managing an […]

Archetype SC involvement with SANS Capital City 2015 and SANS Boston 2015

Archetype SC is proud to announce our involvement at SANS Capitol City 2015 and SANS Boston 2015.  Members of the Threat Management team will assist class instructors with several courses related to security essentials, ethical hacking, incident handling, and penetration testing.  The SANS Institute held in high regard and is considered one of the top […]

Security Ease of Use Triangle

Everybody wants to be secure but not everyone is willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. The security/functionality/ease of use triangle is a simple but effective representation of the challenges faced when implementing security of any kind. When applied to IT security it acts as a sliding scale directly impacting all three of the points. IT […]