Stagefright Exploit

The InfoSec community has seen a rise in attention grabbing names for security vulnerabilities over the last couple years like Heartbleed, Freak, Shellshock, and now the latest android vulnerability Stagefright. The Stagefright exploit is different though, its name is derived from the media engine baked into android OS since version 2.2. The Stagefright engine is […]

Archetype SC attending 2015 Disney Data and Analytics conference

Archetype SC will be attending the 2015 Disney Data and Analytics conference September 17th-18th in Orlando, Florida. A broad range of attendees from over “60 companies and universities” will be in attendance, and Archetype SC looks forward to learning from and connecting with them. In describing his reason for attending the conference, Managing Partner Joseph […]

Paine & Associates launches new website

Paine & Associate’s new web-presence, including a new website, SEO strategy, and social media tie-ins launched this week. Traffic, and organic interactions as measured by social media metrics, saw triple digit growth over the previous iteration. Launch was accompanied by an in-depth training session with Archetype SC’s Managing Partner, Joseph Bonanno. “The success of any […]