Patrick’s First Pitch

Archetype SC’s Patrick Nord loves baseball—talking about it, watching it, analyzing it, and even playing it. He learned years ago, however, that he just isn’t very athletically gifted. Cognizant of this, the past 20 years he has primarily exercised his love through a study of the numbers of baseball, but the closer he could get to the game, the better. When Archetype SC announced managing partner Usman Khan would be throwing out the first pitch for the High A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, he could hardly contain his excitement. Patrick repeatedly warned Khan “not to embarrass the family,” offering tips and advice. Khan promised he would certainly not embarrass anyone.


The day of the pitch, employees and their families gathered at the stadium well before the game started under the guise of giving last minute tips. Mr. Khan calmly announced his confidence that as promised, “I will not be the one to embarrass the family—that honor will go to Patrick.”

Below is our footage of Patrick, successfully not embarrassing the company.

“Throwing out a first pitch fulfills a lifelong dream for me. To me it represents so much more than a simple pitch—it shows the care the managing partners have for each of us at Archetype. They not only care about delivering excellence to our clients, they want us to feel happy and fulfilled as well,” said Patrick Nord.


The Archetype team stayed and enjoyed a fun night at the ballpark for them and their families. “We love opportunities to bring not only the team together but to have their families join us as well,” said Managing Partner Joseph Bonanno. Many thanks go to Daniel O’Sullivan, Usman Khan, and our friends at the Pelicans for this wonderful evening.


Life and work is just a bit better at Archetype SC.


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