Internships are better at Archetype SC

Archetype SC’s DX team hired the company’s first intern this summer:

Katie Smith is an undergraduate student at Clemson University and will earn a bachelor’s degree this December in Graphic Communications.  Katie wanted to join our team of experts in Digital Experience because she hopes to pursue a career in web design after graduation.  Katie was a wonderful and hardworking intern who spent a great amount of time building wireframes, designing client websites, and editing several hours of videos from onsite client meetings (her favorite task). 

As Katie’s time with Archetype SC came to an end, our team wanted to give her a memorable going away gift.  Joe, Usman and the DX team decided that a GoPro would be the perfect gift for Katie to always remember the hours she spent reviewing, editing, and compiling the meeting videos captured by a similar camera.  We are very grateful for the help Katie provided us during her summer internship and wish her the best as she begins her final semester at Clemson!  

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