Chrome OS to be rolled into Android in 2017

Google Merging Chrome OS with Android

Google’s Android, the most widely used operating system in the world, is going to be getting some more firepower. Into 2017 Google plans to roll key elements and features of its Chrome OS into the system, creating one platform for app developers and hardware makers to focus on building products. Google’s aim is clearly to […]

…It’s People

At the risk of spoiling the classic Charlton Heston film Soylent Green, and the punchline for my article this month, I offer this observation: advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data offer amazing insights but making use of those insights requires people. A skeptic may offer the observation that this conclusion is self-serving and biased, […]

The Power of Zero

Zero Overview ‘Zero’ is a working style which suggests that keeping a clean, clutter-free, working space helps to focus the mind and increase productivity. This methodology lends itself to both the physical and digital working environment. If you’re mother is anything like mine, you’ve heard the expression, “A clear desk equals a clear mind.” That […]

Archetype SC Mentors Veterans at Venture Hive

Archetype SC has lent User Experience (UX) Designer, Daniel O’Sullivan, to Venture Hive’s Veteran Program this week. Venture Hive describes the event: The City of Fort Walton Beach and Venture Hive have partnered to bring two unique training programs for U.S. military veteran entrepreneurs (including veterans, ex-military, and military spouses and dependents), connecting them to […]