Is your IT organization Bimodal?

If you are wondering what Bimodal is, it’s a term used recently by Gartner to describe two different and complimentary facets of IT organizations.  Mode 1 is traditional IT, where systems must be reliable, predictable and safe. Mode 2 is non-sequential, emphasizing innovation, agility and speed.

IT organizations need to have both modes of operation if they have any hope of responding to the pressures coming from the business. Social media, cloud computing, mobile, analytics and big data, and the internet of things are top of mind for business leaders.  They know they need to be leveraging these technologies in the business, and need to do it now.  Mode 2 IT is required to address these priorities in a fast and agile way.

In a Gartner survey, 45 percent of CIOs state they currently have a second fast mode of operation and, by 2017 they predict that 75 percent of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability.

So is your IT organization Bimodal?  If not, Gartner warns that the business will not wait for you to put mode 2 into operation.  Shadow IT occurs when an area of the business develops and deploys an IT solution outside of the IT organization.  Shadow IT projects have been occurring for some time, however the frequency is increasing with the business pressures described earlier, and when the IT organization has no capability to address business needs with agility and speed.  Shadow IT, done independently from the IT organization, can lead to security and integration issues that IT will inherit when issues arise.

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