Next Generation of Payment Cards

You likely have heard about the new shift in the credit card industry from magnetic strip to EMV chip cards. These cards have a small chip in them that facilitates communication to the payment card company in place of the magnetic strip technology that has been the industry standard for 25+ years. Historically, the motivating […]

Risky Business

Deloitte and RSA presented a collection of seven articles on risk, covering topics ranging from general business risk to IT specific risks.  As I read the articles, the definition of risk that I learned way back in a risk management class kept coming to mind.  Definition: a risk is a potential future event that has […]

Too Much Access

In my experience as a security engineer, I have noticed that employees are often given significantly more access than needed. This is particularly true at large, enterprise level organizations. At enterprise clients I have worked with, I was responsible for granting this access once a request was approved. All too often I receive requests that […]

Application Whitelisting

Application whitelisting (AWL) is a technology that has been used in the security industry for a long time but is not yet widely accepted in enterprise workstation environments. AWL is the opposite of blacklisting which is the model used in most antivirus software today. Traditional antivirus looks for malicious files by fingerprinting files on the […]

The Power of Zero

Zero Overview ‘Zero’ is a working style which suggests that keeping a clean, clutter-free, working space helps to focus the mind and increase productivity. This methodology lends itself to both the physical and digital working environment. If you’re mother is anything like mine, you’ve heard the expression, “A clear desk equals a clear mind.” That […]