Reactive Security vs Proactive Awareness

Not too long ago most people were unaware of how valuable their personal data was and the impact it could have on one’s life when it fell into the wrong hands. All too many people can say they have firsthand experience with the rise in the past 10-15 years of identity theft. Simply being aware of the existence and risk of identity theft can greatly reduce a person’s risk of falling victim. Proactively making people aware of the risk they face, often unknowingly, can also reduce their exposure to identity theft.

This is interesting, but you may be wondering why I am writing about this on Archetype SC’s IT security blog. When you look at the old model security teams, it involved waiting for something to break then fixing the issue. A proactive mindset takes the approach to anticipate and solve problems before they arise. In today’s world, with the vast amount of security applications and one stop shop providers, it is incumbent on the provider to provide updates with fixes, both proactive and reactive. With that being said, security teams still play a crucial role in the sector by assessing where the next attack going to happen and how to mitigate them before they take place. By taking a proactive approach toward your security and systems you can fix things before they have the chance to break.

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