Too Much Access

In my experience as a security engineer, I have noticed that employees are often given significantly more access than needed. This is particularly true at large, enterprise level organizations. At enterprise clients I have worked with, I was responsible for granting this access once a request was approved. All too often I receive requests that clearly have not been investigated, with few, if any, questions asked as to why a user needs the access. Managers may believe themselves too busy or lack the technical expertise to investigate requests and approve them pro forma.

Asking a few simple questions, I have discovered that often users will submit a request for access simply because a colleague in a similar role has it, not based on an actual need. This is a problem—access should only be granted based on need. Even when a user does not have malicious intent, he or she may inadvertently cause chaos within a company’s IT infrastructure in areas they should not be able to access.

The solution is simple on paper, but can be difficult to implement. Managers or those granting access need to take the time to review requests, evaluate them to ensure there is a valid business need, and grant only the requests that meet a defined criteria. The world of cyber-threats is constantly changing, but carefully designed access management policies can help protect your valuable resources.

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