Cyber Security and Fishing Guide

Fishing guides are a secretive bunch.  Their livelihood depends on finding good fishing spots then taking paying clients to them.  If we fish, we know good fishing spots are at a premium.  Every fishing guide knows he or she is having a bad day when they and their client, show up at a fishing spot to find someone there before them.  I’ve been on both sides.  If you haven’t experienced it, trust me.  It isn’t a good situation.

So, what does this have to do with cyber security?  Many fishing guides have websites where you can learn about the their fishing service and book your trip.  Fishing guides are also heavy users of Facebook to post pictures of a client’s most recent catch.

Guides have quickly learned to take a picture of a client’s catch, at an angle so there are no background features that might help identify the location.  They understand, every posted picture will be scrutinized for details that give away where that fish was caught.

What can we learn from fishing guides?

Whether we’re an individual or organization, most of us have a presence on social media.  If we post anything on social media, our text and visual posts contain detail we might not want the internet audience to view.  It’s advice we’ve heard hundreds of times but it bears reinforcing.  Review each post before you broadcast it.  Every day, I view posts with personal detail that shouldn’t be broadcast.  You do too.


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