Got Your Head in the Clouds?

If not, perhaps you should consider getting it there.  The current cloud computing offerings provide flexibility and agility that are hard to match in traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Here’s a few opportunities to consider:

  1. Move custom application development to the cloud when you need to accelerate your development pace. Cloud computing offers on demand access to development tools and environments not limited by your in house IT resources.
  2. Extend your applications to mobile and web devices to expand your customer base. Cloud computing offers the scalability that web and mobile apps demand when customer volumes grow or spike, while maintaining the enterprise level security and availability you require.
  3. Leverage the cloud and your on-premises computing to complement each other. Some examples are: store your corporate data on-premises, and use cloud computing to do the analytical processing on it, develop and test applications on the cloud, but deploy them on-premises, provide disaster recovery in the cloud for on-premises applications.
  4. Cloud platforms provide database as a service that automates database administrative tasks that free your IT resources to focus on other business priorities.

ArchetypeSC can assist you in exploring these and other opportunities to leverage cloud computing in your organization.

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