Could the password become a thing of the past?

For some time, major companies have been moving away from a single password as a method of authentication and moving towards multifactor authentication or secure methods such as biometrics or behavioral techniques. The issue companies are attempting to address is password strength and integrity. Enforcing password etiquette and policy across numerous users is not easy, which leads some to conclude a single password is obsolete, and poses a much greater risk compared to a biometric scan or RSA token. While many still agree that the password is still an important layer of authentication the argument is quickly becoming that passwords are simply too basic to serve as true security measure.

The process of authorization is taking something you know, are, or have and using that data to prove your identity. Passwords have a much greater risk of being compromised compared to a fingerprint or an iris scan. No method works 100% of the time so the password layer, if implemented properly, still may be used in tandem with other, more secure methods of authentication. Though passwords may continue to plague us forever, innovations in authentication methods like biometrics and adaptive behavioral techniques will continue to shape the way we access our data in the future.

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