Classic Lines

There’s an old Western TV program in syndication, titled something like “The Cisco Kid.”  It’s a great show about two Mexican “Robin Hood” style figures, who rode around the southwest, righting wrongs.  One part of the show sticks with me is when Cisco and Pancho joke with each other.  Pancho points to Cisco and says, “Oh Cisco!”  Cisco points back and says, “Oh Pancho!”  I think they’re classic lines and show the respect and comradery they have for each other.  I love it.

There is an IT company who shares one of those names.  You’re familiar with it.  If you’ve worked with their products, you have opinions.  Personally, when I went through their 14 month Academy, I thought it was the finest education of that type I had ever completed.  

I’ve gone on to configure, in some fashion, hundreds of their products.  

Recently, a CVE was published, documenting a vulnerability in certain levels of OS in one of their products.  The company recommended migrating to another level to mitigate it.  

Reviewing blogs from others who had already migrated, I learned there was a potential bug in that OS level.  Ouch!  What to do?

Fortunately, the products were fronted by another firewall protecting them against the vulnerability.  Problem averted in the short term.

During the process, I was first tempted point out the shortcomings of the product compared to others.  After balancing my first thoughts with my long positive experience, I had to back off.  Whatever the short term issues are, the long term performance and stability justify respect for the product.  I think the classic lines apply.  “Oh Cisco!”  “Oh Pancho!”

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