‘WannaCry’ attack highlights ransomware

An unprecedented cyber-attack took the world by storm over the weekend, affecting more than 200,000 systems in 150 countries by targeting unsupported and unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The attack, known as WannaCry, came in the form of a ransomware virus, which takes control of a computer and locks files. To unlock your files, the creators of WannaCry required a ransom of $300 be paid (in bitcoin) for the first three days of the attack. If the $300 was not paid in the first three days, the ransom amount doubled to $600. According to the warning, if the ransom were not paid within a week, the hackers said they would delete the files that were held ransom. 

Source: Symantec

According to Symantec, the WannaCry virus targets more than 175 file types, including website and server files, documents, photos, videos, music files, and many other common and less common file types. 

The virus spreads within a network by scanning for other vulnerable computers once it gains access to a first computer. It also scans hosts on the Internet to spread as quickly as possible. 

Microsoft introduced a patch for the vulnerabilities WannaCry exploits, but this can only be installed in advance of the virus.

WannaCry primarily targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan, but also affected hospitals in the United Kingdom, universities in China, and worldwide businesses like FedEx and Nissan.

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