Wilson Aids in Irma Recovery

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Archetype SC’s own John Wilson did his part to help the Southeast bounce back from the storm.

Wilson, an Application Development Manager in the Myrtle Beach office, went on a disaster relief trip to Jacksonville with his church, the Conway congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintsto help with cleanup and recovery efforts from the former Category 5 hurricane. The church responded to requests for assistance through the Mormon Helping Hands program.

The crew from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of Conway comes together for a photograph during a disaster recovery trip to Jacksonville, which saw major flooding from Hurricane Irma.

Jacksonville wasn’t in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, but saw more than 60 inches of flooding in some of the downtown area. That staggering total – over 5 feet – is a record for Jacksonville, with the previous high being 49 inches during Hurricane Dora in 1965.

While the storm hit Florida in the early morning hours on Monday, there was still plenty of work to be done by the time Wilson and a crew of 13 others made their way to the city on Friday.

“We went down to help with removing trees and cleaning up debris,” Wilson said. “We were based in south Jacksonville, where there wasn’t as much flooding. Every street we went down had fallen trees and huge amounts of debris pushed to the road. We did our part to add to the recovery efforts.”

On Saturday, the Conway group went out with chainsaws and wheelbarrows to cut up fallen trees and clean other debris left in the path of the storm. Even in the days after Hurricane Irma, the effects were still felt by the citizens of Jacksonville.

“The first tree we cut up and removed was in the yard of a woman who went without power for nearly a week,” Wilson said. “She had just gotten her power back the day before we got there; she was so thankful and grateful for everything – tearfully grateful.”

During the night on Saturday, the command center where Wilson and his team helped to unload a shipment of more supplies to help with the recovery – an 18-wheeler loaded down with ‘muck buckets,’ showing the work still to be done in Jacksonville.

“There were pallets and pallets of muck buckets on the truck,” Wilson said. “(Muck buckets) are 5-gallon buckets that are full of rubber gloves, boots, face masks, and cleaning supplies for mucking out flooded houses.”

Archetype SC is proud to support its employees as they give back in their communities. John’s efforts fall in line with a core value of Archetype SC – giving back to the community and Earth.

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