Boston Cyber Security Summit Provides Learning, Networking for Archetype SC Engineers

Archetype SC took on the Boston Cyber Security Summit on Nov. 8, learning and networking with cybersecurity professionals from around the globe.

The five security engineers representing Archetype SC heard from a number of experts in the cybersecurity industry and were particularly impressed with the variety of presentations and topics at the conference. As is the takeaway from many security conferences, the team left with the understanding that the best idea for cybersecurity is to be proactive, not reactive to threats.

One session highlighted by the attendees was a panel discussion on emerging risks that could become major threats to Big Data and IoT. Archetype SC’s engineers heard from industry leaders on the panel and learned how cutting edge technology like Securonix and SentinelOne can help mitigate some of the future threats.

J.R. Manes, a Special Agent with the FBI, gave a presentation that featured a lot of “personality and humor” that helped remove some of the stigma associated with working with the FBI on cyberthreats, according to Archetype SC’s engineers. The information presented by the FBI also gave a brief look at how the organization investigates threats and hacks.

Overall, the Archetype SC team considered the Boston Cyber Security Summit an excellent conference with a wealth of information and networking opportunities. Along with the knowledge gained, the team also left with toy swords, courtesy of conference title sponsor Plixer.

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