Archetype SC and The Quotient Group Announce Strategic Partnership Around A2 Analytics

Archetype SC and The Quotient Group have formed a strategic partnership to aid in marketing and selling of Archetype SC’s A2 Analytics product. The companies will collaborate to bring A2 Analytics to new clients across the United States, with The Quotient Group acting as a reseller of Archetype SC’s technology.

A2 Analytics is a new technology which combines a unique package of hardware and software, powered by groundbreaking algorithms to provide precise location, mapping, and traffic data. The technology is designed, developed, and deployed by Archetype SC, and provides incredible insights with minimal impact to existing infrastructure, and a deployment to insights time as short as a few hours. With a successful implementation at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, A2 Analytics is on the verge of transforming the customer experience in airports across the globe.

“A strategic partnership with The Quotient Group is a very exciting step for our A2 Analytics product,” said Joseph Bonanno, Archetype SC’s President. “With their reputation in the airport industry and a track record of excellence, we feel that The Quotient Group will be an excellent partner in introducing A2 Analytics. We have great confidence that A2 Analytics can be a game changer for airports across the country to revolutionize the customer experience and arm airport staff with more data on passengers.”

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About The Quotient Group

The Quotient Group is an aviation and transit marketing company with decades of experience in the industry and a client list that includes work with large hub airports and non-hubs to advance communications, marketing, and sales efforts. Located in Greenville, WI, The Quotient Group team has first-hand experience with the challenges of the aviation and transit environments and knows how to connect with today’s business and leisure travelers through smart branding and strategic marketing.

About Archetype SC

Archetype SC is a full-service IT consultancy, focused on providing the professional community with solutions for security, digital experience, and data analytics needs. Its client-centric process produces remarkable results for all types of businesses, from SMB to Fortune 500 companies. With locations in Myrtle Beach and Boston, Archetype SC works across verticals with a variety of technologies to provide exceptional service to its clients.

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