Archetype SC Signs Contract to Support RSA SecurID, RSA Authentication Manager for Client

Archetype SC has signed a contract to perform operational support of a customer’s RSA SecurID and RSA Authentication Manager multi-factor authentication solution. Our resources will act as Level 2 and Level 3 support working in a team in which the customer and another security entity will provide Level 1, Level 4, and Delivery Lead staff.

The scope of the project includes management of more than 2,000 soft tokens, four RSA servers, two applications including VMware and Cisco AnyConnect. Archetype SC will perform token management and end-user support, along with infrastructure device monitoring and management with 24/7 support.

To begin the project, Archetype SC performed a health assessment that reviewed both processes and device configuration, which will allow the team to perform optimization activities to improve both.

The security team is interfacing through email and telephone directly with the customer, other security engineers, and end users.

Archetype SC is able to perform this work as a monthly managed security service with a monthly service charge that allows the client to have an up-front expectation of cost. This is much easier for the customer to manage and forecast cost for a steady state operational service such as this.

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