Archetype SC Set to Attend SEC AAAE Conference

Archetype SC will touch down in Huntsville, Alabama next week, where it will present its A2 Analytics technology at the Southeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives’ 2018 Annual SEC AAAE Conference.

Hosted by the Huntsville International Airport, 2018 Annual SEC AAAE Conference brings airport executives, airline representatives, and businesses with ties to the airport industry together to discuss industry issues, network, and learn. Attendees will hear from Kristin Scroggins, a Communications Lecturer at the University of Alabama Huntsville, about the future of the workforce and how generational diversity will be a trend in the coming years as 50% of executives retire in the next decade. Other conference activities include Space Camp, social events at the Von Braun Center, and a concert by Chicago to close the conference.

For Archetype SC, the 2018 Annual SEC AAAE Conference represents an opportunity to introduce A2 Analytics to senior level airport personnel throughout the Southeast.

A2 Analytics is a groundbreaking technology that puts data and insights into the hands of airports and airlines, helping to transform their customer experience. A combination of easy-to-install sensors with a scalable cloud infrastructure powered by unique algorithms, A2 Analytics has been successfully implemented at the Myrtle Beach International Airport to monitor TSA wait times. In addition to monitoring wait times, A2 Analytics can be used to track movement through an airport, usage of restroom facilities for janitorial services, and optimization of concessions through route mapping.

The 2018 Annual SEC AAAE Conference will take place in Huntsville, Alabama from May 6-8. For more information, visit the conference’s website.

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