Archetype SC Heading South for Florida Airports Council’s 49th Annual Conference & Exposition

Taking on Tampa and the Florida Airports Council’s 49th Annual Conference & Exposition will be Archetype SC’s Patrick Nord and Paul Cormier.

The duo will bring Archetype SC’s A2 Analytics technology to the conference, showcasing the groundbreaking technology to airport representatives, businesses, and conference attendees.

A2 Analytics is a technology that puts data and insights into the hands of airports, airlines, and businesses, helping to transform the customer experience. A combination of easy-to-install sensors with a scalable cloud infrastructure powered by unique algorithms, A2 Analytics has been successfully implemented at the Myrtle Beach International Airport to monitor TSA wait times. In addition to monitoring wait times, A2 Analytics can be used to track movement through an area, usage of restroom facilities for janitorial services, and optimization of concessions through route mapping.

A2 Analytics will be used throughout the Florida Airports Council’s 49th Annual Conference & Exposition to monitor the movement of attendees. Data from the conference will be on display at Archetype SC’s booth, #77, to show where attendees spent their time during the conference. In addition to conference data, Archetype SC’s representatives will be on hand to discuss how A2 Analytics can help solve issues facing many businesses, from monitoring the dwell, flow, and purchase patterns of anonymized individuals to understanding event impact, traffic flow, and recreation usage in a given space.

The Florida Airports Council’s 49th Annual Conference & Exposition is hosted by the Tampa International Airport and St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport and will take place from July 15-18. For more information, visit the FAC’s website.

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