Archetype SC to Showcase A2 Analytics at Allegiant Airport Conference

Archetype SC is excited to participate in Allegiant’s 2018 Airport Conference in Savannah, Ga, where it will showcase its A2 Analytics technology. Allegiant, an innovative company dedicated to providing the best travel deals to its customers, operates flights to 117 destinations in the United States, with Orlando, St. Petersburg, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Myrtle Beach as some of the markets it serves.

The conference, which is by invitation from Allegiant, will feature more than 200 airports from across the country, where Archetype SC will exhibit its groundbreaking A2 Analytics technology. A2 Analytics is a combination of sensor devices, machine learning algorithms, software, and reporting capabilities into one package to deliver deep insights. The technology has been successfully deployed at Myrtle Beach International Airport to monitor TSA wait times, along with shopping centers, construction sites, and conferences. Recently, the technology was a major factor in Archetype SC winning an RFP for the Myrtle Beach International Airport to monitor TSA wait times, baggage claim queues, and parking lot usage.

The Allegiant 2018 Airport Conference will take place October 9-12 at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront in Savannah, Ga.

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