Patrick Nord Named a Top 100 Innovator in Data and Analytics by Corinium

Patrick Nord, Archetype SC’s Director of Data Analytics, was named a Top 100 Innovator in Data and Analytics for 2018 by Corinium. The list is dedicated to highlighting those who have “accelerated the proliferation and understanding of data and analytics over the last 12 months,” and is comprised of data professionals from across North America.

“It’s an honor to be named to a list filled with such prestigious minds and companies in the data world,” Nord said. “I believe data is more than just numbers, it’s something that tells a story or solves a problem that can help a business. That’s what makes it exciting to see all of the advances in data analytics that the folks on this list have made over the past year.”

Last year, Nord worked to introduce A2 Analytics to the world, a patent-pending combination of software and hardware that provides precision data on where people are, how they move, and how they interact in a given space. The technology has a wide-ranging impact and has been successfully implemented at airports, construction sites, shopping centers, and conferences.

In addition to A2 Analytics, Nord presented on data security and the cloud at the 2018 Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2018 and has attended and presented at a number of conferences around the Southeast.

The Corinium Top 100 Innovators in Data Analytics 2018 includes representatives from companies like IBM, Disney/ABC, Google, Target, and CBS Corporation. Corinium is a community-building company focused on supporting emerging executives focused on Data, Analytics, Customer and Digital Innovation located in England.

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