Turkey Day Travel Doesn’t Have to be a Drag

Traveling around Thanksgiving is almost as much of a tradition as the turkey and stuffing that will be passed around the table, football on TV, and Black Friday shopping that will (hopefully) follow a long nap.

No matter how you’re planning to travel this week, through the air or on the ground, AAA is projecting for plenty of delays and the busiest travel season in more than a decade.

“Consumers have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season: higher wages, more disposable income and rising levels of household wealth,” said Bill Sutherland, AAA Travel senior vice president in a press release. “This is translating into more travelers kicking off the holiday season with a Thanksgiving getaway, building on a positive year for the travel industry.”

Traffic for automobiles, which encompasses most travelers, is projected to be up about 5% with 48.5 million expected to travel. Air travel is also expected to be higher, with a growth of 5.4% and over 4 million expected to hit the skies for the long weekend.

While air travel doesn’t have the same traffic jams and congestion of car travel, plenty of frustration exists in the lead up to boarding an airplane. The stresses that come with air travel are the unknown wait times that come at the security line, baggage area, and even the restroom. Getting to the airport hours before your flight is scheduled to take off, only to stand in line or sit at a gate awaiting your turn to get to Aunt Marge’s “famous” green bean casserole and the cousins you haven’t seen – or thought about – since last Thanksgiving.

How can that experience be improved, so that the traveling doesn’t crack the top 5 list of things you’re dreading about Thanksgiving?

Armed with more information, such as the expected wait time at TSA, how long it takes to walk from the security line to the nearest Starbucks, or even the fastest route through the concourse based on traffic patterns will create a better passenger experience.

One way to do so, using A2 Analytics technology, which can be integrated with an airport’s mobile app to give passengers the power to decide when they want to get to your facility before their flight using expected TSA wait times. Heat mapping can show how crowded a restroom facility is, while walking routes give passengers accurate, real-time data on how long it will take them to get to a restaurant, shopping center, or rental car facility.

Your traveling experience doesn’t have to be a hurry up and wait scenario that leads to more arguments than thankful moments. Take the stress out of travel by requesting your nearest airport facility utilize A2 Analytics to optimize the passenger experience.

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