Hackers Run Over Dunkin’ in Data Breach

Users of the Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks account may have fallen victim to a data breach that was uncovered on Oct. 31 and announced publically Nov. 29.

The breach included customer names, email addresses, and DD Perks account numbers or codes for up to 9 million members. DD Perks members whose information fell victim to the breach were those who use the same passwords for multiple accounts, as the type of attack was a password reuse attack, where the cyber criminals attempted to use previously stolen login credentials to tap into DD Perks accounts.

While the attack on the DD Perks program was not a product of an internal system error by Dunkin’ Donuts, it shows how data breaches that hit other companies can then be utilized to attack businesses independent from the original attack. Additionally, this type of hack shows the importance of two-factor authentication and using unique login credentials for all accounts, both professionally and personally.

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