Archetype SC’s Khan to Attend RSA Conference 2019

Archetype SC’s Usman Khan is attending one of the largest cyber security conferences in the country this week at RSA Conference 2019.

Annually drawing more than 50,000 attendees, RSA Conference brings representatives from security and technology companies from across the country to Las Vegas to learn from those on the cutting edge of security. Speakers include senior-level executives from technology companies like Intel Corporation, GoSecure, and Flashpoint, and information officers from organizations like United Airlines, DocuSign, and the US Department of Commerce.

RSA Conference bills itself as the place “Where the World Talks Security,” making the conference open to cyber security professionals, technology experts, and business representatives of all industries. Topics on the agenda for this year’s session include machine learning, defending the cloud, and cyber security assessments.

During his time at the conference, Usman will be meeting with current Archetype SC partners, networking with conference attendees, and attending sessions to expand his knowledge on the issues facing companies today and in the future.

For more information on RSA Conference 2019, visit the conference website. To set up a meeting with Usman, email him.

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