Archetype SC, Nantucket Memorial Airport Enter Into A2 Analytics Contract

Archetype SC and Nantucket Memorial Airport have entered into a contract to deploy A2 Analytics technology at “The Little Grey Lady of the Sea’s” main airport.

A2 Analytics is a patented technology developed by Archetype SC that blends hardware and software to provide precision data on where people are, how they moved, and how they interact in and with a space. For Nantucket Memorial Airport, A2 Analytics will be put in place to track TSA wait times, baggage claim dwell time, passenger awareness information on a three-year contract.

“We’re excited to expand the footprint of A2 Analytics to the Northeast and develop a relationship with Nantucket Memorial Airport,” said Joseph Bonanno, Archetype SC’s co-founder and president. “A2 Analytics is a groundbreaking technology that provides valuable information to airports on the experience of their passengers. We look forward to working with the team at Nantucket Memorial Airport for many years to come.”

As one of the top tourist destinations in the Northeast, Nantucket represents a similar location to Myrtle Beach, where Archetype SC is located. A town of 11,000 residents year-round, Nantucket swells to 50,000 residents in the summer. With no bridges leading to the island of Nantucket, residents and visitors must travel by ferry boat or airplane to and from the destination. Its airport is the second busiest in the state of Massachusetts, falling only behind Logan Airport in Boston.

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