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Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Encryption and Active Directory

Welcome to the latest installment of “Securing Your Windows Infrastructure”. Today’s topic is encryption – specifically encryption as it pertains to Active Directory. As with other applications, data managed by AD can be encrypted in storage and in transit. Let’s take a quick look at where encryption is, and can be, used by AD. Replication […]

Securing Your Network Infrastructure – Free Auditing Tools

In this edition of our “Securing Your Windows Infrastructure” series, I’ll be talking about some great free tools offered by Netwrix. Netwrix was founded in 2006 and offers a comprehensive suite of commercial and free security tools, all focused around increasing visibility into the changes made to your Windows environment. Among their free tools, you […]

Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Microsoft Security Compliance Manager

Welcome to the second installment of Securing Your Windows Infrastructure. In the previous article, I talked about Domain and Server Isolation, a technique that can be used to isolate domain-joined systems from untrusted hosts and optionally to require encryption to and from systems containing more sensitive or confidential information. Today, I’ll be reviewing another low-effort, […]

Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Domain Isolation

In this series I will cover some lesser-known features, built right into Windows, which can be used to secure your Windows infrastructure. I’m going to start the series by discussing a feature known as “Domain Isolation”. Domain Isolation (along with Server Isolation) is relatively easy to implement, transparent to users, and best of all, does […]

Windows Server 2003 End of Life

It should come as no surprise that Windows Server 2003 is entering End of Life on July 14th of this year. What should be surprising is that by some estimates, there are still over 10 million servers running this operating system. After its EOL, companies running Windows Server 2003 will have no support, and will […]