Got Your Head in the Clouds?

If not, perhaps you should consider getting it there.  The current cloud computing offerings provide flexibility and agility that are hard to match in traditional on-premises infrastructure. Here’s a few opportunities to consider: Move custom application development to the cloud when you need to accelerate your development pace. Cloud computing offers on demand access to […]

…It’s People

At the risk of spoiling the classic Charlton Heston film Soylent Green, and the punchline for my article this month, I offer this observation: advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data offer amazing insights but making use of those insights requires people. A skeptic may offer the observation that this conclusion is self-serving and biased, […]

Archetype SC attending 2015 Disney Data and Analytics conference

Archetype SC will be attending the 2015 Disney Data and Analytics conference September 17th-18th in Orlando, Florida. A broad range of attendees from over “60 companies and universities” will be in attendance, and Archetype SC looks forward to learning from and connecting with them. In describing his reason for attending the conference, Managing Partner Joseph […]

Big Data and Analytics

We continue to read headlines about “big data” and the power that it can have on almost any market, but it continues to be an amorphous entity without definition or bounds. What one person may deem as big data, another may simply refer to as a large data set. Definitions are important, and in a […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

I went to a private, Christian university where vices such as swearing were certainly discouraged, if not outright banned. After registering for my first econometrics1 class and quickly skimming my reading list, I was surprised (and secretly thrilled) to see Joel Best’s Damned Lies and Statistics as required reading. I fell in love; numbers, modeling, […]