…It’s People

At the risk of spoiling the classic Charlton Heston film Soylent Green, and the punchline for my article this month, I offer this observation: advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data offer amazing insights but making use of those insights requires people. A skeptic may offer the observation that this conclusion is self-serving and biased, […]

The Power of Zero

Zero Overview ‘Zero’ is a working style which suggests that keeping a clean, clutter-free, working space helps to focus the mind and increase productivity. This methodology lends itself to both the physical and digital working environment. If you’re mother is anything like mine, you’ve heard the expression, “A clear desk equals a clear mind.” That […]

Hiring Bias

Biased decisions are difficult to avoid when selecting a new employee from a large group of qualified candidates.  Hiring bias begins when reviewing an applicant’s resume: for example, Ivy League schools are known to be preferred to non-Ivy colleges and universities.  Furthermore a comparative baseline, typically one’s own achievements, is used when interviewing candidates.  Laura […]