Case Study

Reinventing Retail with Location-Based Analytics

Whether in an airport, at a mall or in a standalone shop, retailers and concessioners everywhere share many of the same issues. They want to deliver the best possible shopping experience but only have limited information about what customers want and how they behave while shopping.

The Problem

Traditionally, without a reliable way to track customers moving in and around a retail space, it’s difficult for retailers to know when to bolster staffing, where to allocate resources and how to attract more business.

But recently, more and more retailers are embracing location-based analytics as a way to transform the customerexperience and create “click history” in the real world.

By studying where a customer spent the longest amount of time in a store, a retailer can deploy a staff member to help complete a conversion with the customer.



The location-based analytics market is expected to grow from $8.2 billion in 2016 to $16.3 billion by 2021.

The Solution

Archetype SC’s approach to solving the retail problem is to provide our clients with as much data as possible about their customers’ journey.

By placing our inexpensive, yet robust system of sensors throughout a retail location, we can passive track devices such as phones, smart watches Bluetooth-connected tech. This safe and non-invasive tracking can pick up thousands of data points from each customer, providing a rich cache of data to be analyzed by our patented combination of software and machine-learning algorithms.

Using A2 Analytics, we can monitor the movement of individuals within a given space, showing where people are and how long it took them to get from Point A to Point B.

Our technology can also provide retailers with information including location heat mapping which can tell you what items are popular, what routes customers take inside a store and how long it takes them to find what they need.

You can also check on customer conversion rates with insights on where customers are coming from, how many individuals walked by the storefront without stopping and how many of those who enter end up converting to a sale.


The percentage of retailers which gather at leat some sort of insights on shoppers while they are in the store

The Results

Using the data gathered by A2 Analytics, retailers can optimize their shop’s layout and customer experience in a variety of ways.

Our custom dashboards can monitor sales made and compare it to the number of customers entering the store, as well as delivering reporting that offers insight on ways to increase customer engagement.

With help from our data experts, your team can get in-depth analysis of shopper dwell time and session duration to learn more about customer behavior allowing you to enhance the shopper’s experience, increase conversions, and boost customer loyalty.


The percentage of smartphone users that use their phone to influence a purchase decision while in a store

Tracking Advertising Effectiveness

In additon to tracking customers, A2 can also be used for tracking your adevrtising’s effect on potential customers. With full heat mapping of a facility, retailers can find optimum placement for advertising to reach the most customers.

A2 Analytics dashboards allow for real-time analysis of a facility, showing if more customers enter beside a movie theater or food court, giving store owners information about where to place staff and marketing materials, how long customers spend in a given section of a facility and how many visitors view specific ads.

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