Case Study

Managing Guests for Odysseys Unlimited

Odysseys Unlimited is the world’s premier small group tour operator. With partners such as Smithsonian Institute’s Smithsonian Journeys and Harvard University, they needed a system that removed the obstacles to delivering excellence to each one of their guests.

The Problem

Outdated processes stunt growth

Odysseys quickly outgrew its processes for guest management, which began with pen and paper, graduated to Microsoft Excel, and then to Lotus Notes. The company provides world-class tours and needed a system that would accommodate its staff and guests.

Our Approach

Consulting and designing a custom solution

Archetype SC’s approach included the development of a custom system to meet the needs of Oddysseys, which eliminated inefficiencies and redundancies in its business processes, along with empowering them to serve their guests beyond previous measures.

The Solution

A custom Guest Management System

The Guest Management System is a back-end portal for Odysseys employees, with a client-facing portal currently in development. The system meets the current needs and has allowed for continued growth to serve more clients and grow revenues.

The Results

A Guest Management System for Odysseys

Take a look at the steps taken to build a Guest Management System for Odysseys Unlimited by Archetype SC:

Requirements Gathering

Before any design work was completed or code written, Archetype SC worked with Odysseys Unlimited to understand the needs of the client. Workshops were held to review each requirement and obtain approval before moving forward.

Designing a Custom Solution

After learning business processes and current state information, Archetype SC designed a solution to meet Odysseys current needs and overcome current state challenges for continued growth.

Deploying a Custom Build

Following design, development, and testing of the custom solution, Archetype SC deployed the Guest Management System for Odysseys Unlimited. Along with the deployment came intensive training for Odysseys staff and continued work on a client-facing portal.

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