Case Study

Sleeping Dog Gets SharePoint

Sleeping Dog Properties has delivered custom residential construction services to discerning clientele in Boston and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Whether completely rebuilding, remodeling or renovating, Sleeping Dog can create a home to the exact specifications of a client. The Sleeping Dog team has the knowledge, skill, and care to bring any vision to life.

The Problem

Sleeping Dog’s SharePoint server faults

Roadblocks to completion of the CoreBlox site included design and implement a paywall system, admin interface development and a lack of stability. They also needed an easy and flexible method for later development and improvement of content.

Our Approach

Analyze Sleeping Dog’s needs to create a solution

Archetype SC rescued the project by quickly implementing our rigorous problem-solving methodology. We crafted a beautiful and effective solution that migrated existing HTML content into a more usable and manageable format.

The Solution

A custom SharePoint interface that feels familiar

With limited time to complete the project, we developed a strict timeline and objective set that allowed us to prioritize the client needs against the most severe issues, working systematically to remove issues and strengthen the client experience.

The Results

An updated SharePoint platform for Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog’s SharePoint integrations brought some particular challenges, all handled with ease by Archetype SC:

Custom SharePoint 2016

Sleeping Dog worked on SharePoint 2003 before Archetype SC’s update and wanted the same look and feel in its new version. Archetype SC moved Sleeping Dog to SharePoint 2016 with customizations that made it feel like SharePoint 2003.

Custom Code

Sleeping Dog had technologies in its office that were critical to daily functions but were not supported in SharePoint 2016. Archetype SC wrote custom code to integrate the devices to keep Sleeping Dog functional.

Custom Features

Integration with Outlook, something that didn’t exist in the new SharePoint for Sleeping Dog, different ways to view, sort, and search, and additional widgets and applications were all requested – and completed – by Archetype SC to ensure the client had familiarity with its software from day one.

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