FMI provides services, solutions to empower construction industry

In the engineering and construction space, a consultant that can provide quality services, training, and information that spans management, operations, finances, and technology is a rarity. For FMI, it’s standard operating procedure.

For more than 60 years, FMI has stood as a provisioner of best practices for engineering and construction companies, with deep connections and industry expertise to fit the needs of the E&C space.

A wealth of services for the E&C industry

Generally, a consultant will specialize in an area to provide value to its clients, be that in the financial realm, technology, or operations. FMI goes well beyond an area of specialization and has positioned itself as a full-service consultant in the E&C industry. From growing mergers and acquisitions to leadership training and operational excellence, FMI provides a suite of services to take engineering and construction companies to the next level.

FMI Quarterly

Beyond its service offerings, trainings, and consulting, FMI puts out a quarterly publication that highlights trends, offers insights, and provides thought leadership for those interested in engineering and construction. The final issue for 2019 focused on the current economic boom in the built space, featuring an article by Rick Tison on preparing for the next downturn.

“… all good things must come to an end at some point. And while we’d all like to think that the current business cycle upswing—now in its 10th year—will continue, the signs are already pointing to a possible downturn in the near future.”

Other FMI Quarterly issues from 2019 included topics like rethinking strategy at the top of the cycle, what keeps leaders up at night, and technology.

Technology Readiness Assessment

A critical piece of FMI’s offerings is the Technology Readiness Assessment, a baseline view of how a company uses technology. This assessment includes a summary of the client’s current state of technology, a report detailing solutions, gaps, and integrations that FMI recommends for the client, a cyber security vulnerability report, and a roadmap to show a clear path forward.

The Technology Readiness Assessment process is used to assure clients that technologies they utilize will be capable, effective, and optimized to their needs. By looking at systems, cyber security, and processes, FMI gets a holistic view of how the company uses technology and where gaps or redundancies exist. From there, FMI guides the client through all phases of the technology process, ensuring customer satisfaction with its services and products.

Creating technology solutions to help you build better

Together with FMI we are able to provide a full range of advisory services to meet the needs of businesses in the construction space. Learn more about what ASC and FMI can offer.

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