A2 Analytics

Unlock the power of big data.

Big data is more popular than ever, and now your business can unlock the power of this buzz-worthy technology with A2 Analytics.  Leverage millions of location-based data points to give your businesses amazing insights on the movement of people, dwell time, and route mapping using a non-invasive, inexpensive, and groundbreaking technology pioneered by Archetype SC. Combine that with expert analysis from our team of data experts and you’ve got something that can truly change the way you do business.


Get insights without limitations.

A2 Analytics uses a proprietary, patent-pending blend of hardware and software to provide precision data on where people are, how they moved, and how they interact in and with a space. Our breakthrough technology provides these incredible insights with minimal impact to existing infrastructure, and a deployment to insights time as short as a few hours.

What It Does

The Power of A2

Leveraging the groundbreaking technology of A2 Analytics is easy and supports hundreds of use cases:


Passively track nearly everyone, even those without a smartphone, without collecting personal information

Opt-in Tracking

Use a simple opt-in to gain additional insights, ease reporting and administrative burdens & increase productivity

Custom Reporting

Find answers to the complicated challenges facing your facility with our custom dashboards and reports


Transforming Customer Experience

Passengers are sensitive to the slightest challenges in their airport experience: lengthy check-in and TSA security lines, dirty restrooms, unavailable seating, and long waits for bags.  Any single one puts a damper on a trip — and airports feel it through decreased non-aeronautical revenue and increased passenger complaints.

The best solution to these challenges is data, pinpointing where passengers are and what challenges they encounter, but data solutions are traditionally incredibly costly, need a heavy infrastructure, and lock customers into a long term contract.

Contact us to hear how airports of all sizes are using A2 Analytics to get the data and expertise they need to deliver the experience passengers demand.

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