Archetype SC, FMI collaborate on technology in construction articles

Leveraging Technology and Cybersecurity as an Advantage

As thought leaders in the technology space FMI and Archetype SC, have recently collaborated on a series of articles designed to help companies in the engineering and construction industry use technology as a differentiator for growing their business.

ASC Principal Consultants Patrick Nord and Paul Cormier worked with FMI Technology and Innovation Practice Leader Jay Snyder to produce “Leveraging Cybersecurity as a Market Advantage” and “Where Is Your Company on the Technology Maturity Curve?”.

The first article “Leveraging Cybersecurity as a Market Advantage,” focuses on the threats surrounding the construction market and its usage of technology. It discusses how cybersecurity risk is introduced as engineering and construction companies begin to utilize more technological tools such as mobile devices, cloud computing, and enterprise solutions. By taking a proactive approach to security, companies can save valuable time and money to eliminate threats and weaknesses in their security posture.

The second piece, “Where Is Your Company on the Technology Maturity Curve?” shows the value of using technology to gain a foothold in the market. It covers how E&C companies can use the technology maturity curve to get a valuation of where they stand on the path to digital transformation and how to set goals for gaining efficiencies, improving communication, and exploring new markets.

Both are available for download at

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