We have the tools to help you grow.

Archetype SC transforms the way companies use technology. From tackling complex technical projects to providing simple solutions for marketing your business, we deliver solutions that exceed expectations and will drive your business to new heights.
See how we boosted business for these clients
  • Automating Processes to Help Businesses Go With the Flow

    How an application built in Microsoft Power Apps improved workplace efficiency by automating processes that bogged down productivity
  • Bolstering Baggage Vendor Services

    How A2 Analytics helped Myrtle Beach International Airport provide oversight for its baggage claims area
  • Growing FLO Living

    Digital overhaul to one of the web's leading providers of women's health information
  • Improving Security Assessment Management for OpenSky

    How the development of a streamlined testing center and client portal allows this cybersecurity company to better serve their customers
  • Managing Guests for Odysseys Unlimited

    How a customized application solution helped this small group travel company overcome challenges for continued growth
  • Reinventing Retail with Location-Based Analytics

    How A2 Analytics can help retailers track and predict customer actions
  • Securing Southwest Airlines

    Providing Managed Security Services, Outsourced IT, and 24/7 Support to a Major Airline
  • Server, SharePoint customization helps Sleeping Dog grow

    An updated SharePoint platform for custom residential construction services company
  • Taking Thomson Reuters to the Cloud

    Providing multi-factor authentication one of the world’s most trusted provider of answers
  • Testing ISP Speeds with PC Pitstop

    Analyzing ISP data to determine if daytime throttling exists
  • Tracking Personnel with A2 Analytics

    How location-based analytics provided an influx of productivity data at construction sites for one of the world’s top contractors
  • Transforming the TSA experience

    How location-based analytics helped MYR International Airport add additional staff, equipment in its TSA Security Check
  • Uncovering Risks at Fortis Construction

    How a Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessment uncovered potential cybersecurity issues to help avoid a data breach.
  • Check out our UX & design work, too. 
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