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Archetype SC was created to be a trusted resource for strategic technology planning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing technology perspectives and information-filled insights that help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are some of the latest articles, guides, and industry news to keep you informed about what's happening in the digital space.

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  • Article

    How airports can utilize location based analytics to follow COVID guidelines

    As leisure travel returns to prominence around the holiday season of 2020 and into the new year, ramping up safety and security measures aro ...
  • Article

    5 common cybersecurity myths busted

    Cybersecurity is a term thrown around a lot in today’s workplace, but can create confusion for a lot of businesses. How does my IT staff w ...
  • Article

    Identity and Access Management begins and ends with data security

    Engineering and construction firms need every edge they can get in their competitive business environment. Let us provide context for the gr ...
  • Whitepaper

    Leveraging Cybersecurity as a Market Advantage

    Engineering and construction firms need every edge they can get in their competitive business environment. Let us provide context for the gr ...
  • Whitepaper

    Where Is Your Company on the Technology Maturity Curve?

    It’s time to determine where your company is—and where it needs to be—on the technology maturity curve. Without a strong technological ...
  • Article

    Thriving after COVID-19

    Recovering from the pause to everyday life caused by COVID-19 will be a demanding process. Incorporating the processes of working from home, ...
  • Article

    Best Websites in Myrtle Beach

    In an effort to help local companies “up their game” when it comes to websites, our design team has scoured the Grand Strand and studied ...
  • Article

    How a Custom Web Application Can Transform Your Business

    One way to meet the rising demands of your consumers is through a custom web application designed to expand your business' connection t ...
  • Article

    5 Ways Any Small Business Can Benefit From Data Analytics

    For small businesses, gathering and analyzing data is an action that has been far too costly, complex, and time consuming to merit a serious ...
  • Article

    7 Ways to Enhance Your Website's User Experience

    Many business understand the importance of a website, but do not have the resources or knowledge to focus on their site's user experien ...
  • Article

    Tracking customer locations without sacrificing data privacy

    By opting to use A2 Analytics for location-based tracking your business can gain key insights without concerns over data privacy. ...
  • Article

    Protecting your Airport from Digital Threats

    How can your airport do more to beef up its cybersecurity measures to help keep cyber criminals at bay? ...
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