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Archetype SC was created to be a trusted resource for strategic technology planning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing technology perspectives and information-filled insights that help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are some of the latest articles, guides, and industry news to keep you informed about what's happening in the digital space.

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  • Article

    Tracking customer locations without sacrificing data privacy

    By opting to use A2 Analytics for location-based tracking your business can gain key insights without concerns over data privacy. ...
  • Article

    Protecting your Airport from Digital Threats

    How can your airport do more to beef up its cybersecurity measures to help keep cyber criminals at bay? ...
  • Article

    Stay productive and safe while working remotely during coronavirus pandemic

    Our current global health situation and resulting efforts to slow the spread has resulted in an unprecedented number of people working remot ...
  • Article

    Creating a better customer experience with location-based analytics

    An investment in analytics gives your organization the chance to learn what it did right and what needs more attention to reach its audience ...
  • Industry News

    Security Roundup: Hackers using Coronavirus to steal passwords, data

    Taking advantage of the panic around the Coronavirus is just the next step for cybercriminals. ...
  • Article

    Top 8 Cyber Security Questions for Small Businesses

    In 2019, 58% of cyber attack victims were businesses with fewer than 250 employees or small businesses. Often, small businesses find themsel ...
  • Article

    Taking security to the skies

    Airports are often in the news for flight delays, long lines, and unruly passengers, not for cyber security incidents. When hacks and data b ...
  • Article

    How to get return on your location-based analytics investment

    Location-based analytics technology is expected to grow to more than $16 billion by 2021. But is this technology for you? Here are five ways ...
  • Digital Transformation 101

    Whose Account Is It Anyway? Securing your organization with Multi-Factor Authentication

    Using a traditional username and password combination is no longer a sufficient security measure to keep intruders out of your accounts. So ...
  • Industry News

    Security Roundup: Nearly All of the World's Largest Airports Have Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

    Data gathered by ImmuniWeb shows that 97 of the world's 100 largest airports have security risks present in their operations. Risks ran ...
  • Event Preview

    5 Things to Get Excited About at RSA Conference 2020

    As a veteran attendee of the RSA Conference, here's a few tips I've discovered over the years for getting the most out of the even ...
  • Partner Spotlight

    In the fight against malware, PC Matic proves its chops

    As we are rapidly approach the end of the year — and the decade — we’d like to take a minute and look back at a few of the big stories ...
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