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Accelerate your move to the Power Platform with Archetype SC, an early adopter to the Microsoft tools. Turn your business problems into digital solutions that work for you, developed by an expert team of technology solutionists. 

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We offer services including:

Power BI

Your business creates an exceptional amount of data — let Archetype SC create visualizations built on Power BI to help tell the story of your data. From sales reports to project management, this industry-leading platform will unlock insights to help your company make better decisions.

  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • KPI reporting
  • Real-time analytics

Power Apps

Investment in custom applications can be a long and costly process. That’s not the case with Power Apps built by Archetype SC, an inexpensive, low-code solution that easily connects more than 200 systems and services from Microsoft and beyond. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your legacy apps or turn manual processes into automated digital solutions, our team can help accelerate your digital transformation with Power Apps.

  • Expense reports
  • Vendor management
  • Leave requests
  • Social media posts

Power Automate

Take your workplace digital with Power Automate workflows. Combine existing applications, services and processes using robotic process automation (RPA) to make your business run more efficiently. Archetype SC will help you automate time-consuming manual tasks, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

  • Populate multiple lists from data sources
  • Automate helpdesk processes
  • Document workflow approvals
  • Automate billing documentation

Microsoft SharePoint

Take your collaboration to the next level with a custom SharePoint deployment. Create workflows, simplify administrative tasks and collaborate in the cloud with this powerful productivity tool designed to boost business productivity. With more than 15 years of experience deploying SharePoint solutions of all sizes and complexity, our team can help with architecture, design, custom software integrations and support. 

  • SharePoint Architecture & Setup
  • SharePoint Data Migration
  • SharePoint Security Management
  • Custom SharePoint Integration

A low-code solution to streamline software installs

Seeking a more streamlined digital process for software download and installation approvals for employees, our client approached Archetype SC to help.

Our team studied the problem facing the client and sought a simple solution that could automate the process while providing valuable information to decision-makers. A workflow built on Power Apps brought a simple, scalable solution that allowed for quick and effective decisions to be made that increased productivity.

A low-code solution that is simple to maintain, the application built by Archetype SC in Power Apps creates a flow that shows information about a software installation request to each necessary approver, eliminating issues that slowed decisions.

Using the Power Apps solution, the company is able to go from a request to decision in a much quicker timeframe, freeing up process decision-makers and empowering employees to work quicker and more efficiently. By routing all traffic for technology solutions into one simple flow, Archetype SC took a relatively difficult process and made it simple and efficient.


We've got the tools you need to succeed.

With vast experience in everything Microsoft, the Archetype SC team can help get your team up and running with the latest technologies and streamline your operations by helping setup, manage and secure enterprise-level solutions for e-mail, data storage, directory management and more.

We'll help you grow your digital footprint.

Archetype SC believes that taking a strategic approach is essential to success in any aspect of digital transformation. That’s why every engagement begins with a holistic assessment of your company’s goals and objectives, followed by the creation of a comprehensive digital strategy.

By using this strategic approach, we can not only work to grow the audience, reach, and effectiveness of your digital channels in the short term, but we can also create a foundation for future success in digital marketing.


By developing or maintaining a brand that aligns with your business objectives, we will strengthen your ability to connect with your audience in a way that drives traffic and sales.


Being agnostic and US-only requires a deep commitment to training excellence, recruiting excellence, fostering excellence in partnerships, and relying on our leadership excellence to choose the correct path for the client.


We create and communicate a clear roadmap and are dedicated to sticking to scope, meeting budget and delivering on time. Our success metrics are constantly reviewed to ensure all customer needs are satisfied.


Working with ASC provides versatility for all sizes and types of projects. Tiered pricing, scalable team sizes, and custom deployments by an all U.S.-based staff make us an ideal partner for meeting your IAM service needs.

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