Network Security & Threat Management

Stop security threats before they happen.

Your network is critical to every aspect of your business. It needs to be fast, reliable, and secure. Archetype SC will design, deploy, and manage industry-leading solutions to keep your infrastructure running smoothly and keep your data safe from threats.

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We offer services including:

Firewall Management

Enterprise networks have complex systems in place to provide protection against outside attackers and malicious or unnecessary traffic. Our firewall experts deliver unified security policies utilizing a variety of top management tools and technologies to ensure your firewalls are secured and your network is protected.

Network Access Control

Our network access control solutions allow your organization to mitigate threats, control endpoint access, and maintain continuous security visibility with a top down view of your entire network. Using next-generation NAC technology our team helps you stay current with technological advances.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensuring critical business data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users takes precedence in today’s connected world. Our supported DLP technologies — including Symantec, Cisco, McAfee, and Code Green — enforce remediation with alerts, encryption, and monitoring to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use.

Security Incident & Event Monitoring

Monitoring log data in real-time to provide event correlation, threat monitoring, and incident response is mission critical for your IT team. SIEM solutions from Archetype SC allow for quick deployment and offer complete visibility and control over your network so that you can find and eliminate potential malicious activity with ease.  

Threat Management

Waiting for a cybersecurity attack to happen before you respond is no way to keep your business secure. Instead, trust the security team at Archetype SC to find weaknesses and mitigate risk with vulnerability testing, validation testing and remediation. We’ll use industry-leading scanning tools and expert analysis to help you find and eliminate threats before they become embarrassing and expensive data breaches.


Securing Southwest

When Southwest Airlines sought multiple partners to take over the entirety of its IT staff, Archetype SC earned work in Identity & Access Management, Network Security, Threat Prevention, and Security Integrations, requiring the hiring of an additional 25 security engineers in a 90-day span.

Following the addition of 25 security engineers, our team began work managing more than 60 technologies on a 24/7 basis, within an expanded NOC and SOC. Providing 24/7 on-call support, Archetype SC managed Level 2 and Level 3 alerts to maintain strict security standards for Southwest.

Constant threats were levied against the network infrastructure at Southwest, requiring an expert team to monitor, manage, and escalate security incidents. Throughout the contract Archetype SC resources consistently delivered ahead of schedule.


The networking knowledge you need to succeed

Co-founded by an IBM security engineer with 20+ years experience in network security, Archetype SC specializes in tackling your toughest network management challenges. We work with more than 100 security technologies and can help you design, deploy and maintain custom solutions with industry-leading tools from:

Why work with ASC?

Here’s why our partners love working with us:


As a full-service IT solutions provider, we also have teams of digital experience and data analytics professionals who can provide custom integrations and data visualizations in conjunction with cybersecurity projects.

24/7/365 steady-state support

With 24/7 Security Operations Centers in Boston and Myrtle Beach, our team is in an always-on operation state and ready to respond to alerts at any time

Rapid time to delivery

We are aggressive and move nimbly. On the sales side, we can work with customers to estimate effort, pricing, SOW terms as fast as the next day. On the delivery side, we can identify and assign resources and not require several months to do so.

Flexible and scalable

We offer custom solutions with flexible delivery models, fixed fee, monthly or hourly pricing, and the ability to expand staffing to fit any size project.

No outsourcing

Our security and development teams are composed of U.S.-based full-time employees, making us easily available for on-site and remote service.

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