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Your business has stores of personal information that needs to be secure; using our SRVA tool, we will find and eliminate vulnerabilities in your security posture.

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Your network is critical to daily operations of your business; is it performing up to your expectations? Our experts will analyze your network so it works for you.

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Our technology experts are available 24/7/365 to ensure your business can perform its critical tasks. From vendor management to field support, we are on your side.


SRVA leads to better network, security planning

Archetype SC formed a relationship with a group of Myrtle Beach area car dealerships, helping to optimize the usage of technology by the businesses. What started from an educational class hosted by Archetype SC on the dangers of lackluster cybersecurity measures, led to an SRVA engagement, remediation of key security issues uncovered by SRVA, and an effort to improve technology planning and networking for Myrtle Beach Jeep and Myrtle Beach Kia.

The work by Archetype SC’s security engineers has led to newfound technological successes for the dealerships, which netted the business its first PCI compliance pass in many years and immediate savings on credit card transactions.

“After moving past the initial shock of our network security scan, I contracted Archetype SC to perform remediation work. They helped me better understand my infrastructure, network, and policy needs, and also helped remove my network from a blacklist that had prevented us from doing business with a key supplier. They were able to accomplish items that I couldn’t even dream of knowing who to call to ask for direction. Beyond security, Archetype SC has been integral part of passing a PCI compliance scan, which we successfully completed with documentation provided by Archetype SC.”

Jasmine Gale-Bazinet

Myrtle Beach Jeep and Myrtle Beach Kia

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