Better building through technology.

Archetype SC knows the engineering and construction space. Our experience and expertise will give your business the tools to maintain an edge in the evolving world of technology. Through our partnership with none of the most trusted names in construction, FMI, we provide a full range of advisory services to meet your needs.

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Don’t take risks with your security.

Building a strong cybersecurity plan is not just as simple as reacting to threats when they happen — you need to be proactive about working to uncover issues, mitigate risks, and prevent cyber attacks against a network by finding and eliminating vulnerabilities. Our Security Team can help with a Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (SRVA) which evaluates your construction company’s cybersecurity vulnerability to get in front of any potential cyber risks.

Ensure your technological foundation is secure.

At a worksite, everything needs to work in harmony to complete a job. Your technology needs to do the same. That’s where FMI’s Technology Readiness Assessment comes in. The assessment gives your IT systems a thorough review, looking for inefficiencies, potential issues, and ways to improve your technology. The assessment includes a security vulnerability assessment, technology gap analysis, and maturity assessment.

Gain insights and efficiencies through location-based analytics.

A2 Analytics is a revolutionary technology for location-based tracking that can help construction companies track personnel, monitor equipment, and get amazing insights to make your worksites more efficient than ever. This patented blend of hardware and software from Archetype SC can provide data visualizations to boost your business and worksites.


Modernize your business with custom technologies

Here are two great examples of how Archetype SC has helped transform businesses in the E&C space:

Custom SharePoint platform for residential construction services company

Specializing in custom builds for a discerning clientele, Sleeping Dog Properties is a residential construction services company that was stuck in an outdated system when it came to running its business. Thanks to technology integrations created by Archetype SC, this Boston-based builder moved to a modern SharePoint platform with custom development to provide integration with Outlook and support for legacy functionality.

Tracking Personnel with A2 Analytics

When one of the world’s largest privately-held companies needed to efficiently and accurately track personnel on its construction sites, Archetype SC developed a custom technology solution for them. See how a pilot program using Archetype SC’s A2 Analytics technology was able to track badged resources and equipment on-site and provided an influx of data to custom-built dashboards for this multi-billion-dollar general contractor.

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