Automating Processes to Help Businesses Go With the Flow

How an application built in Microsoft Power Apps improved workplace efficiency by automating processes that bogged down productivity

The Problem

A client sought a more streamlined digital process for software download and installation approvals for employees. Traditionally, the process of downloading and installing software had many steps, with approvals needed from at least three individuals within the organization: the direct supervisor of the employee, a department head, and a technology lead.

This lengthy process caused a delay in productivity for the employee and a backlog of approvals due to the number of individuals needed to move each process along.


Power Apps survey respondents said that “line-of-business employee productivity” improved by 3.2 hours per week.

Source: Forrester, 2020

The Solution

Archetype SC studied the problem facing the client and sought a simple solution that could automate the process while providing valuable information to decision-makers. A workflow built on Power Apps brought a simple, scalable solution that allowed for quick and effective decisions to be made that increased productivity.

A low-code solution that is simple to maintain, the application built by Archetype SC in Power Apps creates a flow that shows information about a software installation request to each necessary approver, eliminating issues that slowed decisions.

With more information at their fingertips and flow to show where approvals have already moved, the process was made much simpler for the organization.


Power Apps users see a 188% return on investment in the first three years of use.

Source: Forrester, 2020

The Results

Using the Power Apps solution, the company is able to go from a request to decision in a much quicker timeframe, freeing up process decision-makers and empowering employees to work quicker and more efficiently. By routing all traffic for technology solutions into one simple flow, Archetype SC took a relatively difficult process and made it simple and efficient.

Archetype SC has continued the relationship with the company, creating additional automation using Power Apps to simplify business processes and create efficiencies.

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