Security Roundup: Hackers using Coronavirus to steal passwords, data

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By TJ Lundeen
Sales & Marketing Specialist

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Taking advantage of the panic around the Coronavirus is just the next step for cybercriminals.

Coronavirus-themed domain names are 50% more likely to be malicious and have already infiltrated some notable organizations, including Johns Hopkins University, with a tracking map to follow the spread of the virus. The map features a downloadable-link that is compromised and will infect users with malware.

Similarly to the hand-washing information given out by medical professionals, cybersecurity experts are stressing the importance of following best practices for what users click, download, and visit online.

COVID-19 forcing employees to work remote – don’t give your company a different virus

As the spread of the Coronavirus cancels more events and prevents large crowds from gathering, it may also force employees to work from home. Doing so for physical safety and security is important, but could also open up your business network to cybersecurity issues.

Since the World Health Organization classified COVID-19 as a pandemic, businesses, including Google, have moved to remote work. For a tech giant, this move is easy, as employees are set up to work remote on a regular basis and have contingencies in place.

For traditional businesses that work strictly from an office environment, the change could expose critical business data to cybercriminals.

Putting multi-factor authentication in place to ensure correct access, refreshing your company’s phishing training, and implementing network standards for employees’ home networks should all be done before rolling out a remote option.

Two RSA Conference Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus

A pair of cybersecurity employees that attended RSA Conference 2020 in February have tested positive for the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Both employees worked for Exabeam Inc., a California based SIEM provider. One of the individuals lives in Connecticut and began experiencing symptoms soon after leaving the conference, leading to his hospitalization.

Information about the other individual is unknown.

“While we cannot confirm whether they contracted COVID-19 prior to, at or after the conference, if you came into contact with our staff, please be vigilant in monitoring yourself for symptoms,” Exabeam said in a release.

The RSA Conference draws more than 35,000 individuals to the San Francisco area where cybersecurity is at the crux of discussion. This year, many organizations opted not to send employees to the conference or to refrain from shaking hands.

Take control of your security today!

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