Creating a better customer experience with location-based analytics

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By TJ Lundeen
Sales & Marketing Specialist

An investment in analytics gives your organization the chance to learn what it did right and what needs more attention to reach its audience. Failing to do so puts your organization in the mindset of hoping for change, but not knowing how to create impact.

Location-based analytics unlocks a treasure trove of data to help improve the customer experience. From connecting online touchpoints into a physical location to proximity marketing, location-based analytics can create a customer experience worth repeating for your audience.

Find the demand and meet it

Leveraging location-based data to find out where your audience comes from, their route to your location, and how valuable their travel would be can help organizations make critical business decisions.

If a financial institution or retail store sees that many of their customers travel more than 15 miles to their location, putting in another location might be a worthwhile move.

Perhaps a doctor’s office notices many of its patients come from another part of the state, traveling hours to appointments. The practice could open a satellite office to better accommodate those folks.

On a smaller scale, a retailer could track the paths taken through its store and optimize the layout of the store to feature struggling products or sale items. Using location-based analytics can help optimize the customer journey and create a better experience.

Push Your Audience Toward Success

Marketing is inherently a fickle practice catering to the whims of your audience. Rather than sending mass mailers, non-targeted email campaigns, or push notifications at inopportune times, using proximity mobile marketing combines time and place, creating a push notification to the mobile device of an audience member when they are within a certain distance of your organization.

That location-based information removes a consistent barrier of traditional marketing by using the locale of an individual to push sales, increasing revenues. Whether its a Cinnabon in an airport, a 5 Guys at a shopping center, or a Belk in a mall, using proximity marketing will increase interest in a product or service.

Optimize Free time

Wait times are a common issue at the DMV, airport, movie theater, grocery store, and a host of other locations. Knowing how long a line will take and notifying an audience member can help to maximize the time spent within your location and create loyalty.

If a traveler in an airport knows it will take 35 minutes to get through TSA screening and 10 minutes to walk to their gate, they will make sure they have enough time built in to grab a snack, book, or utilize amenities within your location.

A rushed traveler who assumes getting to the terminal 30 minutes before a flight will be plenty of cushions won’t be able to enjoy the concessioners within your facility while they’re sprinting to catch their flight. Sometimes, additional information can mean additional revenue and a better experience for your audience.

Whether the investment in location-based analytics is used to create value for your audience or use marketing to increase revenues, creating an improved customer experience is worth the spend.

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