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Archetype SC was created to be a trusted resource for strategic technology planning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing technology perspectives and information-filled insights that help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are some of the latest articles, guides, and industry news to keep you informed about what's happening in the digital space.

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  • Industry News

    Security Roundup: NSA Unearths Huge Windows Bugs & Cybersecurity's Worst Kept Secret

    The new year is just over a fortnight old. That's plenty of time for an excess of cybersecurity issues to hit the news wire, including ...
  • Article

    The Secret to Digital Transformation: Fail Fast to Find Success

    Don't wait to dive into your company's digital transformation. Get started today on making a plan for the future. ...
  • Interview

    Airport industry leader sounds off on benefits of location-based analytics

    We sat down recently with one of our A2 Analytics client, Kirk Lovell to talk about how location-based analytics is affecting the airport in ...
  • Article

    How individual behavior is changing cybersecurity

    As we are rapidly approach the end of the year — and the decade — we’d like to take a minute and look back at a few of the big stories ...
  • Article

    Cybersecurity trends for 2020 that will matter to you

    We’re moving on from 2019 and are saying goodbye to a decade that saw some of the largest cyber attacks on record, the rise of the Interne ...
  • Industry News

    2019 in Cybersecurity: Data breaches dominate another scary year

    As we are rapidly approach the end of the year — and the decade — we’d like to take a minute and look back at a few of the big stories ...
  • Article

    Cybersecurity tips for staying safe this holiday season

    ‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings, work parties, and family obligations, making it all too easy to forget about cybersecurity. ...
  • Industry News

    Delivering Bad News: DoorDash Falls to Data Breach

    The popular food delivery service, DoorDash, uncovered "unusual activity" with a third-party vendor and found that some of its use ...
  • Article

    Is Your Business Prepared for the California Data Privacy Act?

    January 2020 will bring changes to data privacy and security rules for businesses operating within, or interacting with residents of, the st ...
  • Article

    Data Breach Liability: Is Your Company to Blame?

    Data breaches are everywhere. Go to your favorite news site, tune in to the national news on TV, or simply Google it – you’ll find th ...
  • Industry News

    Database Dangers: First American Exposes Personal Info for Millions

    First American Financial, one of the country's largest real estate title insurers, potentially exposed personal information in hundreds ...
  • Industry News

    Unprotected Email Database Exposes Over 800 Million Records

    In late February, two cybersecurity researchers happened upon one of the largest non-password protected email databases on the web. Bob Dia ...
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